Angeles Consulting, Inc.

Surgery Center Management and Marketing

About us

Angeles Consulting provides mission critical services to ASC's, implemented by industry veterans. We specialize in maximizing ASC revenues by helping clients form innovative physician and industry partnerships. We work with surgery centers at all stages from start-up planning to exit events. Initial consultations are always at no charge.


Increasing Revenues

  • Physician Outreach and Administrative Services Agreements
  • Billing and Coding Consultations
  • Payor Contracts Analysis and Negotiations
  • Business Development and Practice Mix Analysis

Risk Reduction and Strategic Planning

  • ASC and Management Company Legal Implementation
  • Governing Body Formation and Management
  • Revenue Modeling and Proforma Analysis
  • Market and Competitive Landscape Analysis

Capital Structure Optimization

  • SBA, Loans and Debt Restructuring
  • Equity Offerings Structure and Marketing
  • National Strategic Partnerships

Client testimonials

“ACI looks at increasing revenues from all angles and gets results! Their ASA program changed our entire profit outlook.”
Dr. Vijay S
“We have used ACI services several times since before we were accredited. They are flexible, efficient and very cost effective. They have helped us save a huge amount of time and money”.
Dr. E. Lee

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